Fight Night at the Robert Treat Hotel

The ring at Robert Treat (photo by James Fernandez)

The ring at Robert Treat
(photo by James Fernandez)

Have a listen to a 10 minute radio segment I produced for WBGO 88.3 FM on a night of club level boxing at the Robert Treat Hotel in downtown Newark, N.J.


originally aired WBGO 88.3 FM in June of 2012

Blood, Sweat and Cheers


Weigh in time is where you’ll find the lifers. Guys full of experience, stories and the scars to go along with all of them.

“The hardest I ever got hit?” a New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame trainer asked in a conversation with one of his young fighters. “It was this white kid from Minnesota.”

The trainer has a Rocky ringtone on his phone, a flattened nose and a criminal record.

Sinners can still be saints in the boxing game. But it’s boxing. The older eyes look around with suspicion while the young eyes look with confidence. Business is being taken care of.

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